This is water and Sustainability

Dr. Ligy Philip


Water and Sustainability

Circular economy,Water supply systems Sustainability Advanced treatment technologies,Emergingcontaminants Nutrient recovery, Sensors for monitoring water quality and quantity Hydrologic models.

Water and Sustainability

Population growth, technological interventions and changes in life style have put a significant stress on water resources. While unsustainable rates of consumption are continuously reducing the availability of water, increased industrial and anthropogenic activities have been leading to significant deterioration of the quality of water sources. Impact of climate change will add further stress on water resources.It cannot be over emphasized that sustainable management of water resources is crucial to the socio-economic development of any nation. Importantly, three of the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations i.e., SDG-6, SDG-11 and SDG-12 are directly linked to our understanding and management of water resources.  

  • It has been realized in recent years that since water systems interact with all parts of society and industry, there exist significant opportunity for application of the circular economy paradigm at the interfaces to create additional value, increase the resilience, reduce the risk and thus achieve sustainable growth.

  • The new paradigm is waste is actually a resource, out of its place. Application of 3 Rs principle of reduce consumption, recycle the water, recover resources for reuse is essential for sustainability.


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